Residential and Commercial Construction Services

New Residential Electrical Installations - We can provide a turnkey price for your electrical installation based upon your requests.  We specialize in custom home electrical systems with data, phone and TV networking.  Estimates are free.

Home Standby Generators - We are the area's authorized dealer and service provider for WINCO generators. We have natural gas, propane, diesel and even PTO (tractor powered) units available to suit your needs and budget. We provide turnkey installations including permits, fuel connections, concrete base and complete electrical required for a fully automatic or manual transfer of your electrical power in the event of an outage.  Estimates are Free.

New Commericial Electrical Installations / Upfits - We understand that it is difficult for a business to have revenue while under construction. That's why we move quickly to install our part so your business is impacted to the minumum. We can even arrage for evening or weekend hours if necessary.

Business Standby Generators - Imagine the impact on your business, commercial space or critical equipment should there be a total loss of power. Millions of dollars are lost each year due to extended power outages but you can take steps to safeguard your products or business. Let us show you the options available - from critical-area backup to full-building coverage.

Historic Property Electrical Upgrades - We have had the pleasure of replacing worn and outdated electrical wiring and apparatus in many commercial and residential properties.  Maintaining the historical elements while providing the modern requirements can be very challenging. We have the skills and experience to make that transformation without compromising the integrety of the structure.

At Lawrence Electric, all of our trucks are equipped with brooms, dustpan and vacuums. We feel strongly that you should not have to clean up a mess that you did not create.  Our technicians will protect floors and furniture because we treat your property the way we would want others to treat ours.  Experience the difference today.  You will be glad you did.